Stretch wrapping machine

Stretch wrap is a widely used packaging material all over the world. Every day, hundreds of thousands of businesses stretch wrap millions of pallets of merchandise. While many businesses rely on physical work from human personnel, stretch wrapping machine are a must-have in high-volume packaging lines and even smaller businesses that seek the cost savings and other benefits of employing a stretch wrapper.

Stretch film (also known as stretch wrap) is a thin plastic sheet material that is highly elastic and is used to wrap around goods, crates, and pallets. Elastic recovery, or the "stretch-ability" of stretch film, allows the film to securely wrap around the things it is wrapped around.

Types of Stretch Machine

It should be noted that there are numerous types of Stretch wrap machine, each with their own set of applications. There are also numerous types of stretch wrapping machines, each of which may or may not be capable of using each type of machine stretch film.

For example, some types of stretch wrappers include:

  • 1. Ring Stretch Wrapper
  • 2. Turntable Stretch Wrapper
  • 3. Straddle Stretch Wrapper
  • 4. Orbital Stretch Wrapper
  • 5. Ring Straddle Wrapper

Stretch and shrink wrapping are frequently used to protect items or to keep products together and undamaged during transportation. Despite the fact that these two forms of wrapping have numerous distinctions, they are frequently mistaken. Stretch wrapping is a stretchy plastic film that is wrapped around a load of items to allow it to be stretched; the elasticity of the film holds the load securely together.

This form of wrapping is typically used to secure goods and items on a pallet for transit or storage. Stretch wrap is available in a wide range of specialized films. UV stretch wrap, ventilated pallet wrap, anti-static stretch film, colored stretch film, pre-stretched stretch film, and so on are some examples.

What are the advantages?

  • 1. Protection of Goods from Damage, Dust and Moisture
  • 2. Improved Safety
  • 3. Save on Film Costs
  • 4. Saves Time
  • 5. Faster Packaging
  • 6. Efficient Product Wrapping
  • 7. Increased Productivity
  • 8. Improved Inventory Control

Arjun Packaging Machine

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