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Packaging Machine

Since 2001, Arjun Packaging Machinery has been one of India's leading manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of packaging machines and consumables. Automatic Packaging Machines, Powder Packaging Machines, Chips & Snacks Packaging Machines, Granules Packaging Machines, Grains & Pulses Packaging Machines, Liquid Packaging Machines, Peanut Bar & Cake Packaging Machines, Spices Packaging Machines are some of the products that we produce and sell. With PLC-based Touch Screen Control Panels, our Machines can operate on a Weigh-Metric Principle. Our unit is capable of auto-weighing, filling, nitrogen flushing, sealing, batch cutting, cutting, and counting. Our goal is to please our customers by delivering appropriate packaging machines on schedule and providing timely technological and service support.

Arjun Packaging Machinery provides excellent service to its valued customers, from consulting and personalised system construction to packaging machine manufacturing also delivering the Packaging Machines in India. Arjun Packaging Machinery technologies are known for their high production volumes, optimum precision, and consistent pouch content according to the client's needs.

Arjun Packaging Machinery is a company that specialises in the import and export of packaging machines and materials. Arjun Packaging Machinery has been striving to deliver quality goods and facilities in the area of packaging machinery to their clients since its inception twenty years ago. Mr. Minesh Shah, the company's founder, has about ten years of experience in this business, which is reflected in Arjun Packaging Machinery's functionality and services. We have never lost our Quality Standards in this intensely competitive industry. Customer loyalty is our first priority, and it has shown us a lot of difficult work.

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