Semi Automatic Tube Sealing Machine

The Semi Automatic Tube Sealing Machine can be used to seal toothpaste, cosmetics, medications, food, and industrial supplies, among other things. For the protection and fast cleaning, it has a horizontal aluminium alloy frame with a stainless steel box. With an independent platform, a vertically and horizontally adjustable worktable, simple operation, consistent performance, and high efficiency, this machine is ideal.

Using the energy produced by high-speed vibration to rapidly heat the plastic tube and weld it together under pneumatic mechanical pressure, shaping the tool head's sealing patterns while removing excess material to achieve a high-quality finish. In addition, this machine will imprint date and batch codes in the seal.

  • Features:
  • 1. Sealing has a neat look, is solid, has high accuracy, and is stable.
  • 2. It can be used to seal composite tubes, plastic and metal pipes, date print, and cut the tail.
  • 3. Filling accuracy, light point control, and heated sealing all operate with a high precision cylinder full stroke control, simple to change filling volume, and the filling speed can be changed.
  • 4. Packaging material: Soft tube, plastic pipe, and composite pipe are three types of pipes, Viscosity fluids agents (ointment, cream, gel).


Cosmetics, light industry (household chemicals), pharmaceutical, food, and other industries for business product selection to the hose for the packaging case, the device suitable for sealing the hose tail and printing the code, the machine produces the finished product.

The Semi-Automatic Tube Sealing System is primarily used for sealing plastic hose material packaging tubes.

This machine is commonly used in the packaging of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical, and other industries. Ointments, gels, adhesives, AB glue, epoxy glue, skin cream, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste, and other liquid or paste sealing products are only a few examples.

Arjun Packaging Machine

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We offer a large range of machine at reasonable prices, as well as astonishing customer service. For any query feel free to contact us.