As the name weighing filling already suggests, this machine will be doing weighing of particles and will have a hopper outlet, from there the particles will be collected into the plastic bag. These semi automatic weighing filling machine serve very specific purpose of weighing of very small particles and then filling them. This cannot be achieved by any other weighing machine because they will not give accurate readings and too much effort will go in material (particle) handling.

Two categories are made into these machines according to the use of technologies used in them, first one is semi automatic weighing and filling machine and the second one is fully automatic weighing and filling machine . In that also we have two types of machines available to us, which are given names according to their weight holding capacity as 99.9 semi weighing filling machine and 999 semi weighing filling machine.

Difference between both these machines is that one has weight range of 1 to 99.9kg and other one has weight range of 100 to 999kg.

The workflow starts from filling container, where the powder is added. Then it is sent to weighing machine, weighing machine weighs the powder and then displays the weight on the screen with the help of numbers. This powder goes ahead to the outlet of the system which is hopper. There it is collected in the plastic carry bag.

Digital numbers denote the

  • ● Weight of the powder for a single output.
  • ● Total standard expected weight per output.
  • ● Number of times output received through the hopper

The speed of filling is 10 to 20 times per minute and 600 bags per hour.

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