Band Sealer with Air Filling

These band sealers are designed for pouch packing and feature an electronic constant temperature control system as well as a steeples speed adjusting mechanism for the conveyor. It can seal plastic films of several materials, such recombinant materials and aluminium plastic film polyethylene and polypropylene film. The Band Sealer Machine can continuously seal plastic films made of various materials. There are two models: a horizontal model and a continuous model.

Nitrogen Flushing Band Sealer with air filling As the name implies, this sticks the packing material to keep the goods long-lasting by filling the nitrogen gas. This Nitrogen filling machine is commonly used for food packaging, such as cassava, chips, medicine, chemical items, daily use products and seeds of vegetables. The gas flushing machine is also called as Sealing. Have you ever wondered how the packets of chips survive even after a long time? It is because nitrogen gas is filled to protect the articles and prevent their loss. This makes the package seem larger with the filling of nitrogen. One must also change the nitrogen pressure and also adjust the time necessary for screening a pouch.

    The Benefits of Band Sealing

  • 1. An Overall Stronger Capsule
  • 2. Leakage Prevention
  • 3. Easy Inspection
  • 4. Differentiation
  • 5. Tamper-Proof


    We provide a diverse selection of Band Sealer machine that are developed and manufactured with high-quality raw materials sourced from reliable vendors. Furthermore, our respected clientele value these sealers for their excellent characteristics and high tensile strength.

  • 1. The cutting-edge equipment is extremely adaptable, capable of sealing any form of pouch and ensuring flawless sealing..
  • 2. There is no need for lubrication.
  • 3. Its conveyor may be raised and lowered as needed.
  • 4. It is compatible with automated sealing and weighing systems.

Arjun Packaging Machine

We at Arjun Packaging Machine are involved in the production and export of various types of packaging sealing machines. The Band Sealer with air filling machine is one of the packaging machines that we make. This machine is made up of using high-quality raw materials. As a result, our clients value this band sealer machine for its excellent tensile strength. These band sealer machines are used to seal a variety of pouches.

We provide band sealing machines to our clients, which are used to seal pre-made pouches. These machines are strong and long-lasting, and they come with a temperature controller and a conveyor belt. These machines' simple operations assure great productivity, which aids in satisfying the bulk requirements of the stationary and pharmaceutical sectors. For any query feel free to contact us.