Features :

Printing ink can be substituted by internationally popular environment-friendly with no pollution and fire resistant performance.
Intelligent Controller of famous factory has higher stability.
MS-200 utilizes running friction force of packaging film to make printing head rotate, with correct and adjustable printing position.
Non contact switch adopt by synchronous single and more stable.

Application :

It applicable to auxiliary code printing of successive packaging mechanical equipment like pillow type and vertical type packaging machine, with wide application in medicine, food and daily chemicals industry.

Technical Data Model – HP-280 LD Solid Ink

  • Power 120w
  • Voltage 220v/50HZ
  • Print Scope 4 lines × 12letters is in line
  • Printing Speed 20-200psc/min
  • Printing Position Set Freely.
  • Width of Packaging Film 450mm.
  • Size[L×W×H] 630×320×170mm.