Online Ribbon Printer HP241G

Product Video :

Features :

  • Printing ink can be substituted by internationally popular environment-friendly color strip with no pollution and fire resistant performance.
  • Contactless switch control with better sync performance.
  • Electrical Motor of famous factory is installed with reliable cylinder and pneumatic components.
  • Anodic treatment of high clas aluminium alloy is beautiful and durable.
  • Components and standard elements elaborately madeof stainless steel materials are corrosion resistant.
Technical Data Model – HP-241 G
  • Power 200w
  • Voltage 220v/50HZ
  • Printing Speed 20-120psc/min
  • Printing Area 16mm.×35mm.
  • Hot Printer Width 35mm
  • Size[L×W×H] 410×200×250mm.
  • Machine Weight 10kg.